Meet the Team

Behind the scenes, our leadership team plays a vital role in ensuring that Il Porto delivers the very best dining experience to our guests. Each member brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and passion to the table, working tirelessly to uphold our reputation for exceptional quality and hospitality.

Giuseppe Villari

Executive Chef

Hailing from Sicily Italy, Chef Giuseppe's culinary journey began at home, where he was immersed in the rich aromas and flavors of homemade Italian cuisine from a young age. His culinary skills flourished further in Piedmont, Italy, where he had the privilege of learning from esteemed chefs renowned worldwide. Under their mentorship, he refined his craft and developed a unique culinary style that marries classic Italian traditions with contemporary flair. Now, Chef Giuseppe proudly brings his exceptional talents to Il Porto, infusing each dish with his distinct blend of tradition and innovation.


Manfredy Lopez

General Manager

For over 40 years, Manfredy has been a cornerstone of Il Porto. With a wealth of experience, he effortlessly oversees every aspect of our establishment. Manfredy's commitment extends beyond mere management; he ensures that every guest is embraced as part of the Il Porto family, experiencing our trademark hospitality and savoring our authentic homemade Italian cuisine. His passion is not just for food, but for creating memorable moments that linger long after the guest leaves the restaurant.


Edrees Amarkhel

Assistant General Manager

Since 2005, Edrees has been our steadfast problem-solver, adept at identifying challenges and swiftly devising effective solutions. As a manager, he embodies the ethos of teamwork, readily extending a helping hand to colleagues in need and prioritizing the well-being of our valued guests above all else. At Il Porto, Edrees isn't just a manager; he's a beacon of reliability and dedication.


Lucas Fellah

Bar Manager

Joining as a bartender in 1997, Lucas swiftly ascended to the role of manager by 2001, fueled by his unwavering dedication and exceptional people skills. His innate ability to forge genuine connections with our guests has made him an integral part of the Il Porto experience, fostering relationships that span generations. No task is too insignificant for Lucas; he approaches every challenge with a can-do attitude and a commitment to excellence.

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